From 2,800yen a night

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(12:00 check-out)A new and exciting Japanese style capsule hotel
The best trips start here.


"Reach sightseeing areas
around Osaka comfortably and efficiently"

One-minute walk from Hankyu Awaji Station! Two-minute walk from JR Awaji Station!
The heart of the Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and sightseeing areas, as well as others!
Travel effortlessly to sightseeing spots and event venues by train!


Access Map for Major Cities in Kansai

Shin-Osaka Station 5 min
Osaka Station 10 min
Kyoto 35 min
Kobe 40 min
Nara 60 min
Kansai International Airport 60 min
Osaka Castle 35 min
Nihonbashi 25 min
Dotonbori 30 min
Universal Studios Japan 30 min
Kobe Harborland 50 min
Nankin-machi 50 min
Arashiyama(Togetsu-kyo Bridge) 40 min
Kiyomizu-dera Temple 70 min
Fushimi-Inari Taisha 60 min
Nara Park 80 min
Todaiji Temple 80 min
Kyocera Dome Osaka 30 min
Osaka Castle Park 20 min
ZEPP Osaka Bayside 45 min
Hanshin Koshien Stadium 20 min
Panasonic Stadium Suita 25 min



Reception / shared floor

Recommended information about neighboring areas is posted in the lounge.
Enjoy time relaxing in an extraordinary space.


Reception / Lounge / Safety deposit boxes / Vending machines / Refrigerator / Sofa area / Women-only space / Smoking space / Kitchen

  • Feel free to write memories of your trip on a wooden plaque!
  • You can leave your baggage in the baggage room before check-in. Anti-theft chain with lock.

Women-only floor

A space with a calm atmosphere where you can feel the warmth of wood
For women, a well-equipped powder room is also provided.


Guest rooms for women 1 (No. 401-426) / Guest rooms for women 2 (No. 427-448) / Lockers / Toilets / Shower booths / Sinks / Power room / Coin-operated washing machine / Dryer / Hair dryers / Air purifier / Hair irons /YA-MAN luxury hair dryer (one) / Face steamers / Steam irons (lending)


    The nanobubbles, which are much smaller than pores, gently and firmly float and clean sebum and keratin plugs with the power of bubbles. Three modes are available: straight mode with the most water pressure, mist mode with the most bubbles and good skin feel, and shower mode with moderate water pressure.

    Ultrafine bubbles penetrate deep into pores to remove dirt, and microbubbles float and remove large particles of dirt stuck in pores. The hot water from the shower permeates the entire stratum corneum, leaving your skin supple and moisturized. The slide lever allows you to intuitively switch between four different water flows.
  • Ecoaqua shower-SPA

    Mode switching is positioned for easy operation even while showering. Stress-free design with easy-to-grip handles. This multifunctional shower is equipped with three water discharges: a silk mist recommended for cleaning sebum, a power massage that directly approaches the shoulders, neck, and head, and an aqua spray that contains plenty of air and feels good against the skin.
  • Mirable zero

    Strash Straight, a twisting water stream containing ultrafine bubbles, provides reliable cleaning power. Three types of water streams are used to clean fine dirt: Ring Straight, which has three highly straight water discharges with a hollow center for soft but reliable cleaning power; Micro Tornado Mist, which generates stable air bubbles by means of a mechanism that entrains outside air with ultra fine bubbles generated by a high-speed vortex flow at approximately 2000 rpm (approximately 120,000 times per minute); and the Ultra Fine Bubble Mist, which generates a stable air bubble by means of a mechanism that entrains outside air with an ultra fine bubble flow. Three types of water flow cleanly remove fine dirt.

    A soft mist containing micro-nano bubbles removes dirt from pores. A button on the hand side allows you to easily turn off the hot water.

Amenities for women

Bath towel / Room wear / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap
Purchasable amenities (*available at 5F reception) Razor / Hair brush / Toothbrush / Cotton swab / Face care set

The power room has a full range of beauty appliances!

  • YA-MAN Lift Dryer

    A hair dryer equipped with facial care functions that can lift up the skin and provide scalp care.
  • Panasonic Nanocare Steamer

    A user-friendly steamer that is simple to operate and can be used easily by those who want to take good care of their skin with moisturizing care and cleansing.
  • Minus ion hair iron

    A hair iron that suppresses the generation of static electricity with negative ions and titanium plates to make your hair shine with moisture and luster without losing its water content.
  • Curl iron

    One-touch 2-way style switching. Straighten or curl, style as you like. Reaches a usable temperature in about 50 seconds after turning on. Speedy styling possible.

Men-only floor

A fusion of Japanese and modern styles coordinated in monotone
Enjoy a comfortable stay in a capsule that is spacious even for men


Guest rooms for men 1 (No. 301-326) / Guest rooms for men 2 (No. 327-348) / Lockers / Toilets / Shower booths / Sinks / Coin-operated washing machine / Dryer / Hair dryers / Air purifier / Trouser press

Amenities for men

Bath towel / Room wear / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap
Purchasable amenities (*available at the 5F reception) Razor / Hair brush / Toothbrush / Cotton swab



Information for guests from overseas

We will provide you with a variety of useful information
from an independent perspective to make your trip in Japan more enjoyable.

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The hotel has a contract with Duskin and regularly inspects pests (such as tokobi lice).